30-Nov-2013 C4 MMA Judo Club (Coffs Harbour NSW)
13-Nov-2013 2013 AJU Grading Syllabus
10-Nov-2013 More Queensland Clubs join the AJU
4-Aug-2013 AJU Japan Trip; July 2013
8-May-2013 AJU National Championship 29/06/2013
8-May-2013 Osaka Tour 25/07/2013
18-Nov-2012 Competition in Mount Druitt - March 2013
18-Nov-2012 Coffs Coast Open Championship this Saturday

AJU News

13-Jul-2011   -   New Australian book on Judo
Sensei Jim Sheedy, has done it again, another great book.
Yoko-Shiho-Gatame in Judo, (a guide for coaches)
Although the name is misleading, as it is much more than that.As it covers many Ne-Waza techniques, besides coaching tips, and fitness and strength exercises. a great effort from Jim and Karin, and I still can't work out how a Judoka of such Knowledge is still only a Sandan.I urge all coaches to buy this book, via sheedyjk@bluemaxx.com.au
Terry Riches.

In other recent news . . .

30-Nov-2013C4 MMA Judo Club (Coffs Harbour NSW)
13-Nov-20132013 AJU Grading Syllabus
10-Nov-2013More Queensland Clubs join the AJU

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