30-Nov-2013 C4 MMA Judo Club (Coffs Harbour NSW)
13-Nov-2013 2013 AJU Grading Syllabus
10-Nov-2013 More Queensland Clubs join the AJU
4-Aug-2013 AJU Japan Trip; July 2013
8-May-2013 AJU National Championship 29/06/2013
8-May-2013 Osaka Tour 25/07/2013
18-Nov-2012 Competition in Mount Druitt - March 2013
18-Nov-2012 Coffs Coast Open Championship this Saturday

AJU News

2-Nov-2011   -   Judo & Kosen Judo Competition 3rd December 2011
1st Annual Coffs Coast Judo Competition.

3rd December 2011, 8:30 to 12:30 @Kuzushi Judo Club in Toormina. This event will only be open to Coffs Coast Judo Clubs, we will be holding an Australian Judo Union (AJU) Open Judo Competition in June/July next year where we will invite all other AJU and JFA clubs.
The cost is $15 per entry for 2 competitions; ne-waza (ground fighting) & tachi-waza (standing fighting). Entry fee must be paid by 25th November. Weigh-in will be done at your club the week before the competition.                        

Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Certificates for all.

1st Annual Coffs Coast Kosen Judo Competition.

From 12:30pm, 3rd December 2011 @Kuzushi Judo Club in Toormina.            
This is an open event; anyone can enter from any martial arts club.
The entry fee is $30 if paid by 25/11/11 or $35 on the day.
All competitors get a Kosen t-shirt.                    
Weight-In on the day.

All enquiries to Cliff at illa@aapt.net.au or 0437598801

The rules are as follows:

Coffs Coast Kosen Judo Rules

Win by submission = 10 points
Win by clean throw (onto back) = 10 points
Win by domination of bout = 1 point
Win by default/disqualification = 1 point
1) Waiver must be signed by every competitor.
2) Players must wear a gi and be 13 or over.
3) Bout duration is 5 minutes.
4) Submission = tap out by choke/strangle or armlock.
5) Although the fight starts standing up with a traditional bow, you may go straight into ground fighting.
6) The fight will be stopped and restarted if no progression is being made by either player. (stalemate)
7) The fight will be stopped and restarted for injury.
The fight will be stopped and restarted if a player deliberately leaves the mats area and 1 penalty point will be awarded to the offending player. If 3 penalty points are received in a bout, for any offence; the offending player will be disqualified.
8) The clock will be paused during stoppages.
9) Automatic disqualification and life ban of future events for neck cranks and leg locks.
10) If there are no points awarded, the referee will decide the winner by domination of the bout.

NB: All minor throws, sweeps, take downs, pass guard, rear mounts & controls will NOT score, only submissions or clean throws will be awarded full points.

In other recent news . . .

30-Nov-2013C4 MMA Judo Club (Coffs Harbour NSW)
13-Nov-20132013 AJU Grading Syllabus
10-Nov-2013More Queensland Clubs join the AJU

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